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Respect at Work Workshop in Hawaii

The #MeToo movement and highly publicized sexual harassment cases and violence in the workplace heighten the need for better awareness and proper interpersonal relationship etiquette to ensure a positive, safe and professional workplace.

EEpath's RESPECT@WORK workshop provides practical tips and ways to address those subtle or awkward situations or grey-areas that are not obvious to be harassment. The intention of this workshop to be help you address the grey areas in a delicate manner to preserve employee and customer relations, and help your organization promote a positive, harassment-free workplace.

RESPECT@WORK focuses on the importance of professionalism, common courtesy, and business etiquette when working and interacting with your manager, staff, customers, and co-workers. Through interactive discussion and examples, participants will learn on how to apply RESPECT at Work.

This 2-hour workshop is for all employees of your organization to promote a harassment-free workplace. It highlights the applicable government requirements, your company’s values and guidelines. The workshop does not cover legal or compliance definitions and requirements in detail, which are important and if needed, can be coordinated with your legal advisors or with EEpath’s network of expert affiliates.

Participants will gain the ability to:

  • How to tactfully say “no,” command respect, and remain professional.

  • Understand cultural differences and avoid awkward moments.

  • Be aware of improper situations involving others and what you should do about it.

The workshop is includes interactive discussion on 7 ways to encourage a positive workplace environment with RESPECT:

R = Responsibility

Be accountable for your own thoughts, words, and actions. Respect and treat another person as you would want someone like your parent, spouse, or children to be treated.

E = Empathy

Be respectful and listen to understand the other person’s point of view, differences in culture, and personal values. Don’t assume or project your interests and values are the same.

S = Signs

Be aware of improper signs and sayings that are offensive to others. Notice unusual patterns behavior, red flags or early warning signals for possible violence or harassment.

P = Professionalism

Maintain professionalism in the way you dress, speak, and interact with each colleagues and customers at work and outside of work.

E = Excellence

Keep focused on the purpose and objectives of your company and workgroup and strive to do your best to uphold the standards and values of your organization.

C = Communication

Avoid assumptions and gossip. Go to the source of concern and ask for help. Be clear in your communication, listen, and check for mutual understanding.

T = Team Pride

It takes everyone to work as a team with pride, trust, and good faith effort to have a positive, professional workplace.

For more information and to schedule a workshop at your location, contact Cynthia Yamasaki.

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