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4 Ways to Have a More Meaningful Life

There are four ways that help me maintain calm and peace despite the busy-ness and chaos of managing a business.

The first is purpose.

I had a philosophy professor that used to start his lecture with this statement: "The meaning of life is to find the meaning of life." Doesn't this sound like a dog chasing its tail or mouse on an exercise wheel? But if you think about it, there's some sense to it. Pursuing one's purpose can be purposeful in itself.

On the path to finding meaning, however, you'll encounter a lot of unknowns and disappointments. My approach is to surrender. I accept my life will unfold as it is meant to be. I call it my Quest for Excellence and embrace it with curiosity. While I have dreams and aspirations that I work to achieve, I know I am not in control of everything. This means I may not get the outcome I expect, but I still have a choice about how I react to it. Of course this isn't always easy, but there's one life hack that gets me to acceptance faster.

EEpath Values

I meditate daily, which has done wonders in helping me tolerate stress, deal with uncertainty and maintain a sense of ease even under pressure.

Meditation has also given me greater clarity of my values. You can't go far in life without being clear about what's important to you. Knowing what I value has directed my life in two significant ways. It's helped me attract and see which opportunities are right for me and been instrumental when it comes to making decisions.

I advise all my coaching clients to clarify their values.

If you need guidance in discovering your own values, you can try this brainstorming tool that I created with my clients in mind.


  1. Create a list from A to Z.

  2. Think of a value that begins with each letter. For example, Achievement or Beauty.

  3. Try not to think too hard on these. It's helpful to write down the first word that comes to mind.

  4. Each day, review this list and keep revising it until the words resonate with your soul.

  5. Select one to three values to focus on through your thoughts, intentions and actions everyday.

Extra credit: You can use the first three steps as a creative exercise and ice breaker with family members, friends, and co-workers.

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