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Clear Path to Success - Seymour's World

Cynthia Yamasaki, CEO & Founder of EEpath shares the Essence of Success on ThinkTech Hawaii

Every once in awhile I have a chance to be interviewed by really cool, interesting and exciting hosts like Seymour Kazimirski of ThinkTech show, "Seymour's World."

Last week, I was a guest and want to share the video which covers everything from what EEPath really is and how it can bring you inner peace. Keep scrolling to watch the interview below.

Here's a little spoiler, I divulge a few insights into what truly defines happiness (you might be surprised with what I had to say), what my retreats look like and how my early experiences shaped who I am.

If you think titles, career accomplishment, and financial success will bring you happiness, you need to watch this. The entire video is twenty-six minutes, but if you’re short on time, here are the highlights.

At around 10 minutes, I share my morning ritual to help boost your own happiness. At around 14 minutes, I divulge a secret technique I teach my coaching clients. At 17 minutes I explain why it’s okay to “be a little crab,” sometimes. But if you get only one thing from the video, I hope you get this. At 17:45, I share a diagram of what I believe can help you be your best self. These are the ingredients for a truly successful and happy life. You may have believed EEPath is entirely about financial and professional success. But this will require a change in mindset pushing you past what you think is possible not just for your business, but for your life.

Well what did you guys think? Did anything resonate with you? I’d love to hear what you thought. Also, I’m always interested in hearing what brings you joy. Tell me what favorite activity lights up your life.

The Clear Path to Sucess

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