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GET THINGS DONE: 90-day Challenge to THRIVE

Here's a recap of work-life changes and the lessons learned along the way.

August: Set the Intention, Commit, Plan

2017 marks 10 years since I founded CMY Consulting LLC. It has been an evolving entrepreneurial journey. In 2014, I fully committed to my business and rebranded to EEpath, an Empowered and Energized Path to Lead and Live Well. As I reviewed the business performance and strategically planned for 2018 and beyond, I decided to expand EEpath to the next level by opening an office in Honolulu.

My intention and passion is to help individuals and organizations reach their highest potential. To lead and live well and enjoy a fulfilling, harmonious life. EEpath's office provides a safe haven with privacy for one-on-one coaching sessions and small group meetings (plus convenient parking).

Serendipitously, I found an ideal spot with the Segawa Consulting Group who are independent financial advisors. Office-mates Jason Segawa, Robert Lawton, Carlton Ogawa, Jamie Colosimo and I "clicked" immediately. We share similar values and customer care to help people achieve their life goals with vitality, prosperity and happiness.

Within a few days (and driving in morning traffic from Kaneohe to Honolulu), a good opportunity arose to move residence from a 4-bedroom townhouse in Kaneohe to a 1-bedroom condo in Honolulu....I listened to my inner voice...this is the new wave to ride...GO FOR IT!

My office is located on the 4th floor of the Honolulu Club building, 932 Ward Avenue, Suite 420; and now, the drive home is only 5-10 minutes (time savings of 25 to 55 minutes per day).

September: Clear the Clutter and Let Things Go

I started collecting moving boxes and then remembered the BungoBox Hawaii owner who I met through the Kinaole BNI group 2 years ago. Joshua referred me to Richard, another local small business owner of a moving company with great service. Networking connects helpful business owners and professionals in many ways!

It was a treasure hunt!

As I cleared and cleaned, I paused to appreciate the past memories tied with each item. I found creative ways to let go of what I collected over many decades.

I packaged themed bundles of goodies for the Sip and Shop moving event. For example, the Christmas holiday package included placemats, a handcrafted Angel, pillows, candle, mugs and cookie plate that my sons and I set up every Eve to welcome Santa. This and other sets found new places for holiday merriment amongst families, friends and co-workers. Mahalo!

By setting my intention to be creative, give value, have fun and share positive energy, it was easy to let go and repurpose my furniture, clothes, books, framed pictures and personal things with family, friends, and Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

October: Organize, Move and Let More Things Go

It was crazy busy with many sleepless nights to deal with running a business, servicing clients, while making these major changes. But it is ALL worthwhile...some of the learning lessons that I gained include:

  • Time, meals and deep conversations for 2 weeks with my brother as he helped me repair my Kaneohe home. We shared the best heart-to-heart talks to heal our sibling relationship and discuss the care of our aging parents.

  • Remember to LIVE the words. Artwork, dream board and framed affirmations but not enough aesthetic wall space to post them! As we were arranging and decorating my new abode, Aaron Yamasaki said, "Mom, no need to put them all up, you just need to remember the words and live them..." (Got it...and just in case a senior moment arises, a photo of my dream board is in my iPhone).

  • As you unpack, you'll find more things and clothes to give away. Yay!

  • Use the free Protect Your Identity SHRED IT-day sponsored by the Better Business Bureau of Hawaii (check for the annual event).

  • Hire professionals to help you.

  1. Movers: Richard, 2 Guys and a Truck

  2. Rental Agent: Yvonne Nelson, Marlene Realty

  3. Cleaners: Sharonne and Pete Pascua

  4. Feng Shui: Master Clarence Lau

  5. Revamped EEpath branding and positioning: Teddi Anderson, TLC PR

  6. EEpath Promotional Videos: Cynthia Manley and Rich Figel

THE BEST TREASURE FOUND: An essay by Evan Yamasaki, my 24 year-old son on his aspirations, values and path in life as inspired by his grandfather. (Read - YOU ARE A ROLE MODEL)

The home move happened on October 19 and I settled in on Halloween, October 31.

November: CELEBRATE!!!

Mahalo to my new office-mates of the Segawa Consulting Group and our guests who joined us in celebrating the opening of EEpath's new office on November 1.

I wish I could have invited all of you - dear family, friends, clients, affiliate partners, chamber members, and EEpath readers - to that event. I want our time together to be relaxing, relevant, personalized, and memorable.

You are cordially invited to the new space and there will be more opportunities to gather in 2018....STAY TUNED! In the meantime, feel free to contact me at (808) 221-2828. I'm out and about often and I may not be in the office should you drop by to visit. Please schedule an appointment for our time together.

We're OPEN and READY to help you on your Empowered and Energized Path to Lead and Live Well! Visit for more information and to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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