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What type of leader are you, A or B?

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The role, qualities, and behaviors of an effective leader are morphing from transactional management to transformational leaders. More than ever, we need leaders who inspire, engage, and empower others to work together as a team towards a common cause and value that is greater than just earning a paycheck, share price increases, or stockholder dividends. We are aware that there is more to life than work. No matter what "generation" you are in, we all want to have meaningful careers, make a positive difference, and enjoy quality of life. I encourage you to lead by example and take responsibility for your own continuous learning and development, provide talent development opportunities for your associates, and volunteer to help educate and support our children who are the leaders and workforce of the future. Here's how:

  1. Start by choosing the leader you want to be: Leader A or Leader B.

  2. Take action to excel as a leader (Hint: the wave of the future is Leader B)

  3. Assess your organization in terms of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, strengths, and trends (SWOTT Analysis).

  4. Review and update your business plan, objectives, goals, strategies, and key measures.

  5. Evaluate your current processes to find areas that you need to improve efficiency and effectiveness, and/or strengthen the capacity for growth.

  6. Assess the strengths and development needs of your people, teamwork, and communication. Update your HR practices and talent development to attract, prepare, engage, and empower your team to thrive today and in the future.

  7. Get involved in Community efforts that support education and development -- be an active and concerned parent, mentor, and/or advisor at your child's school, your alma mater, or any organization that tickles your fancy.

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