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The 3 C's of Color Accounting™ in Hawaii

How the 3 Amigas became the 3 C's of Color Accounting in Hawaii

Cleota (Cleo) Brown, Cynthia Spencer, and me.

3 C's of Color Accounting: Cynthia Y. Cynthia S. & Cleo

We met many years ago through our work with Hawaii businesses and as volunteer leaders for nonprofit organizations. Every so often, we meet for pau hana with Jane Sawyer, SBA District Director, to discuss the needs of Hawaii's business community and collaborate on solutions.

Top of mind is the gap of understanding basic accounting concepts, cashflow, and financial communication. The practical way. The basic business acumen that can make or break a company or career. The knowledge needed to grow and sustain your company. And how to help our clients succeed.

Last summer, Cleo shared her new alliance with Color Accounting International™. After researching many learning companies, she found that Color Accounting was the easiest and effective way to help business owners and managers learn how to better understand accounting concepts and financial communication. That peaked our interest. With complete trust in Cleo, Cynthia S. and I immediately signed up to support the cause for financial literacy.


Girl's Day, March 3, 2017: It's official! We completed all of the requirements and coaching with Mark Robilliard, Co-founder & CEO Americas of Color Accounting International™.

I am pleased to announce that Cleo, Cynthia S. and I earned our designation as Accredited Color Accounting™ Workshop Leaders. Together, Cleo, Cynthia S. and Cynthia Y. are affectionally dubbed as the Three C's of Color Accounting™ in Hawaii...

We're ready to rock-n-roll with you to sharpen your Biz$ smarts with Color Accounting™.

I am also thankful for the Better Business Bureau of Hawaii and our sponsors who support our financial literacy movement on the following dates.

Click on the dates to register.

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