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Good vibes for 2016!

EEpath Life Coach in Hawaii

Knowing and feeling your "Big Why" are important to change your thoughts, feelings and behaviors to accomplish goals in 2016 and beyond. Know and strongly desire your why first, before planning out the what and the how. Yes, I'm repeating this thought that I mentioned in last month's EEmuse because it is that important. Be clear of what you want, feel passionate about it, and be fully committed to accomplish your goals. What's more powerful is when your "Big Why" involves reasons and objectives that benefit more than just you. For example, in the movie, "Pay It Forward," Trevor McKinney, a seventh grader, was inspired by his Social Studies teacher who gave a year-long extra-credit assignment to "change our the world and put it into action." Pay It Forward was released in 2000 and it's based on a novel by Catherine Ryan Hide In the real world, this movie sparked a worldwide movement of people doing good deeds for others without expecting anything in return. As of 2015, the movement is still alive with more than 3 million people participating on "Pay It Forward Day." The next international event is on April 28, 2016 involving 70 countries, 42 states and 48 cities ( Pay It Forward also illustrated what most people say and feel about change. "It's weird. It's crazy. It's hard." said the students. "How about it's Possible? The realm of possibility is in each of can choose." replied the teacher, Mr. Simonet. That possibility is each and every one of us. This year, as you set and take action on your goals, think about the possibilities to inspire and lead change for the good --at work, home, our World. We can think and feel infinite possibilities. Also, do not focus on the goal, but on taking action for the right reason. You will gain the knowledge, energy to persevere, resources and support to accomplish your goals with more ease and enjoyment. What do we say in Hawai`i? Can-Can. No Can-No Can. CAN. Let's do it in 2016!

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