Let's work together.


EEpath helps professionals to be empowered and energized leaders from the inside out.


Sometimes being a manager or business owner can be overwhelming. Let EEpath help to ease the load off your shoulders and get you back on track.


Have a business, leadership, or personal work-life challenge that requires professional attention? Our unique executive coaching services are designed to tackle even the most complex and confidential challenges.


Having trouble with employee morale, leadership development, succession, or outdated HR processes? EEpath's team of human resource and business experts help clients with an objective HR review, support, and implementation of the human side of business. We customize leadership, succession, and employee training programs to foster a positive professional workplace.


Whether you need guidance with a minor obstacle or need to tackle a larger project, contact EEpath as your go-to source. We will discuss your needs, desired outcomes and tailor the right solutions as one EEpath team to help your entire organization - board members, executives, managers, and staff -  to work together and contribute to the success of your organization and our community.

It's easy to start your EEpath



Click on the pencil icon or SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT button to book an introductory meeting. You select a preferred date and time and answer a few questions about your intention. Coaching requires accountability to yourself, willingness to change, and strong commitment to lead and live well.

STEP 2: Confirm Appointment with EEpath™ Coach

After we receive your request,  we will contact you within 2 business days by email or phone to confirm your appointment.

STEP 3: Introductory Meeting to Explore Your Situation and Needs

Coaching:  The intention for the initial coaching consultation is to provide you with a valuable coaching conversation, experience some deep inner work, and see how coaching can help you achieve your goals and be at your best.


Consultation: The intention for the initial HR or business consultation is to explore your organization's situation and possible EEpath™ solutions.

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