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Year of the Fire Rooster

My personal reflections on What to Be and Do in this World of Change

The New Year begins with all kinds of feelings stirring and people making their points of views public in big ways. On January 20, transition in Leadership commenced in our Country. Over the weekend, Chinese New Year celebrations took place in Chinatown. Strong winds caused power outages for several hours in areas of Oahu.

Changes. BIG changes and awareness are happening all around the world. It can be scary for some. And exciting for others. Division or Unity. Change happens. And we can choose how to deal with it.

Empowered and Energized.

Stay strong and centered with good physical and emotional health.

Be wise and keep educated with credible information. Discern the truth from "alternative truth."

Share good wishes for Abundance, Prosperity, and Big Love.

We - women and men - stand together with integrity, live our values, and have faith in the Greater Good for All.

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