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The Holiday Rush (is it avoidable?)

Kids are grown. House is empty. So I took the liberty of relishing the peace and quiet at home on Christmas Eve. Well, not really. I was lazy all day. So at 11:00 PM on the Eve, I finally got off my butt to cook, bake, wrap final presents, and clean the house. I created my own Holiday Rush.

Creating that Rush by procrastinating all day was not the plan. Why did it happen? In the past, it was such a crazy time with work, shopping, kid's school and sports cetera, et cetera, et cetera...that it would not feel like Christmas without the Holiday Rush.

Sometimes we do that to ourselves. Procrastinate and let things get crazy and at the final hour, rush to get them done. Not because we are unorganized or don't want to do it. We want to do these things, but sometimes without realizing it, we sabotage ourself.

It's the unconscious mind operating the way it was programmed in order to avoid pain or feel pleasure. In my case, to fulfill that feeling of Holiday Rush for a "normal" Christmas.

Well, The New Year 2016 is coming. Good time to declutter the mind to remove old patterns and make room on how to work smarter, not harder for healthier and happier Holiday Rushes!

May your Holidays be filled with Peace, Love and Happiness!

Cynthia Yamasaki, Life Coach in Hawaii

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