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Big Why in 4 Words

Cynthia Yamasaki, Executive Coach in Hawaii


Your "Big Why" in 4 Words

I was riding the bus integrating and observing the sites and people of India when this sign on the wall caught my eye, which was an AHA moment.

That's a BIG WHY that people can relate to. It's a simple, catchy way to communicate the purpose of this electric company in India versus "We provide electricity." I think these 4 words also speak to what we RAW Leaders aspire to accomplish with a little twist - "Empower Progress. Brighten Lives" of people in all areas of our life - home, work, business, community.

Can you described your life purpose and/or your company's Big Why in 4-6 words?

The Big Why is more than a sign on the wall. It's emotionally charged and easy to keep top of mind so that you and those involved with you are clear, aligned, engaged and motivated to work in harmony and get things done.

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