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Executive Retreats that STRETCH YOU

Corporate Retreats in Hawaii

Many moons ago, in my earlier formative years of career advancement and leadership training, I went to the International Zen Dojo, Chozen-ji, deep in Kalihi Valley at 4:30 AM, 3 times a week. One of our "corporate retreats" was a weekend of pre-dawn meditation, tai chi, kendo, and discussing Musashi's "Book of 5 Rings" and Lao Tsu's "The Art of War." I thought that was a stretch.

What's your idea of a meaningful and memorable Corporate Retreat for your executive management team? Golf, spas, easy-fun team building exercises?

What will really stretch your group to think and feel beyond the comfort zone to be more innovative, strategic and energized as one team and take your business to the next level?

Here's an interesting article from Business Insider about why the CEO of Rakuten, a giant Internet company in Japan, makes his team climb Mount Tanigawa every year. READ HERE

I wonder what the HR and Risk Management folks say about this? How would it work with the equal opportunity laws that we face in the U.S. and Hawai‘‘i?

Let's meet up and discuss at ideal Management Retreats that rejuvenate and inspire great leadership the next "Leaders Who Walk the Talk" on October 17 at Kawainui Marsh. Can't make it, then please post your comments below. I'd love to hear from you!

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