I am passionate about living fully with career-life harmony, grace, and ease.  And I love to help my clients in their journey of personal and professional development.


My coaching method is more than setting and achieving goals for success.  It's about being empowered and feeling energized from the inside out.  With a holistic alignment of values, mindset, and capabilities, there are infinite possibilities to achieve one's dreams and self-actualization.


In 2007, I founded EEpath, a life and leadership process, and continuously improve it based on client feedback and curated information. EEpath is tailored for business owners, leaders, and professionals to transcend life, career, and leadership challenges into growth opportunities and success.

Lead & Live Well with Aloha is my mantra. This site shares personal reflections on lessons learned on my life journey. It's one way of leading by example. I "walk my talk" and use the EEpath coaching process and tools in my life and career.

To learn more about EEpath life and leadership coaching, please visit EEpath.com and discover how to revitalize and accelerate your personal and professional development.


Cynthia Yamasaki, MBA

Professional Life & Leadership Coach

CEO & Founder, EEpath